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How to Attract Monarch
Butterflies to Your Yard

February 1, 2018, 7 p.m.
Euless City Hall, 201 N. Ector Dr.

Learn how easy it is to create your own Monarch Waystation! A waystation is simply a garden that provides food and habitat for Monarch butterflies and nurtures them through their complete life cycle.

Texas Master Naturalist Carol Clark will present the amazing story of the Monarch butterfly life cycle and migration, clarify some common misconceptions about Monarchs, explain historic and current threats to Monarch populations and show why Texas is a pivotal location for Monarchs' future success. The program also covers real steps you and other North Texas residents can take to help bolster the Monarch population, and what to plant to feed Monarchs. In addition, Carol will provide a list of plants. Come join us Thursday evening for this exciting program.

Carol Clark is an amateur botany enthusiast, a longtime member of the Native Plant Society of Texas and is now a Conservation Specialist with Monarch Watch. She and her husband own and operate Clark Haven Farm, a wildlife preserve and custom wildflower seed business in Cooke County. Carol grew up with a nature photographer father and wildlife artist brother, and has spent much of her life exploring the great outdoors. Her favorite things to do are leading discovery walks in local natural areas, as well as finding and photographing interesting plants and insects.