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How to Deal with Excessive Barking
(and other noisy animals)

[Dog Barking]Many of us adore our furry friends just as family, and they can be a great addition to our lives. We may love them so much that we are sometimes oblivious to the affect they can have on those around us. Barking is a natural dog behavior and most people want their dogs to bark to alert them to potential danger. However, owners who permit their dogs to bark excessively are permitting a public nuisance to occur and can be issued a citation. Part of responsible dog ownership is ensuring that your dog is not a nuisance to others.

Residents may submit complaints about barking/noisy animal around their property. The City will contact the pet owner and will seek voluntary compliance. If the problem persists, additional complaints may be filed which may result in a citation being issued. We encourage neighbors to speak directly about the situation before filing a complaint. They may be completely unaware of the noise, and most pet owners want to be good neighbors. Work cooperatively with one another to look for patterns that may help you determine the cause of the excessive barking.

If the barking persists after speaking with your neighbor, you may call 817-685-1592 or fill out an online complaint form by visiting website and clicking on the Access Euless link on the home page. You will need to provide the address and description of the animal, plus any other pertinent details. This is when Animal Services will attempt to contact the pet owner and advise the owner of the complaint, and discuss the situation. Animal Services will also mail you the complaint procedures, the Barking/Noise Incident Report and the Barking/Noise Incident Log.

Hopefully there will be no need for further measures, but if your neighbor's animal continues its disruptive noise, you may file another complaint using the same procedure used to file the first. Animal Services will then mail a second notice letter to the pet owner, explaining that further violations will result in a citation being issued or complaint filed in the Euless Municipal Court resulting in a penalty up to $500.

If there is no resolution following notification of the second complaint, a resident can complete the Barking/Noise Incident Report and the Barking/Noise Incident Log which will be used as documentation for the City of Euless Prosecutor to review. The Prosecutor may file charges against the animal owner if there is sufficient evidence, and you may be asked to testify in Municipal Court if the owner contests the charge.

We hope no one will have to follow through with all of these steps, but services are available if needed. The City of Euless encourages neighbors to communicate directly with one another and to try to work together to resolve community challenges.